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Why does PPR come in multiple colors: green, grey, white, or other colors? What are the differences?

As is known, there are several manufacturers worldwide, from America to Romania. Each manufacturer has their own system of colors and lines. In fact, this is a marketing strategy. This means that if special materials are not used in the production of PPR, color is not very important, except for the color black. PPR as a raw material exists in several forms. It is generally called PP-R or PP-RC. Of course, there are some differences between these materials for technical reasons.

These raw materials are especially produced according to the standards DIN 8078 DIN 8077 EN ISO 15874. There are upper and lower limits. They can also be classified according to fluidity, density, and molecular design. They are called PPR 80, PPR100, PPR110 (PPRCT), PPR 125 (PPRCT). Supratherm produces pipes with PP125, which are called PP-R CT.

These materials are produced in two ways: colored or colorless. In this way, whether the pipe is gray or green, it does not affect the quality. It can be colored in the factory where its own production is carried out. There are raw materials ready for coloring.

However, colors can change during welding. Therefore, black is the most difficult, while white is the easiest to weld because there is a very small molecular difference when it comes to the color white.

Some manufacturers use adhesives for pipe production. The vast majority of manufacturers do not recommend this. Because the raw material is designed to be processed for 50 years, these adhesives make the pipe harder and halve its period of use.

You will understand this in our next article about welding at the source. We, at Supratherm, produce our pipes with PPR125 and the highest quality materials. If you have any questions, we will answer them as soon as possible.

The use of pipes, according to color:

WHITE: pressure, hot and cold water

GRAY: pressure, hot and cold water

GREEN: pressure, hot and cold water

PINK: cold water pressure (drinking water system)

BLUE: cold water pressure (air conditioning systems) (with additional adhesive support for PPRCT)

RED: cold water pressure (fire systems) (with additional adhesive support for PPRCT)

BLACK: exterior pipes for hot or cold water (with additional UV-resistant adhesive)

YELLOW: created for Africa for water transfer from rivers.

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