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Integrated Quality and Environment Policy

SupraTherm, a manufacturer of PP-R and PP-R ct pipes and fittings, as well as a supplier of installation parts, declares that it places the customer and their requirements for sustainable development at the center of attention for all company departments, benefiting both people and businesses. In this context, SupraTherm has implemented an Integrated Quality and Environment Management System according to SR EN ISO 9001:2015 and SR EN ISO 14001:2015 standards, in which the company's management commits to:

• Maintain the Integrated Quality and Environment Management System, throughout the entire company structure, in accordance with the standards, ensuring the achievement of quality and environment objectives and continuous improvement of the system;

• Use the management system for continuous improvement of processes, and implicitly of products and services provided by SupraTherm to its customers;

• Comply with current legislation and environmental regulations related to environmental aspects;

• Continuously improve the Integrated Quality and Environment Management System;

• Ensure ongoing communication with customers, authorities, and the public and analyze feedback information for their satisfaction assessment.

The General Director of SupraTherm assumes full responsibility for making the company's quality and environment policy known, understood, and applied. In this regard, the General Director is committed to:

• Allocate human and material resources for maintaining the Integrated Quality and Environment Management System, putting into practice and adhering to the quality and environment manual and procedures;

• Ensure SupraTherm's availability and openness for the evaluation and continuous improvement of both the Integrated Quality and Environment Management System and the promoted Quality and Environment Policy, with the aim of ensuring that they contribute to the company's development;

• Implement this policy through specific quality and environment objectives at each level of the company;

• Monitor activities in achieving environmental policy objectives:
.Reduce the amount of waste produced and treat it in accordance with current regulations;
.Efficient use of raw materials, materials, and utilities to save natural resources;
.Improve the company's environmental performance;
.Continuous improvement of processes and environmental performance, especially by adopting pollution prevention measures.

Through this system, we aim to address the following directions of action:

• Control of environmental risks and accidental pollution;

• Identification and understanding of explicit and implicit customer requirements and meeting them;

• Training and motivating personnel and their participation in achieving quality objectives and environmental targets;

• Involving the organization's suppliers in adhering to the Quality and Environment Policy, so that they are aware of and comply with our requirements for product quality and control of significant environmental aspects.

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