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What does SupraTherm do?

    We have the best pipe system in the world. Pipes are an integrated system in any construction. They provide us with drinking water, water for washing, and even heating and cooling our homes. The quality of life quickly deteriorates if the pipes do not perform well, and they can be costly to replace or repair.

    That's why we produce pipes that don't deteriorate and do so with the least possible impact on the environment. Our pipes and fittings are made from PP-R, one of the most durable and chemically inert pipe materials in the world.


    For each product designed, we have invested decades of expertise, and all products are manufactured according to strict international standards. Our boundless motivation for improvement and innovation has made us a world leader in pressurized PP-R pipe systems used for potability and wastewater. We provide training, engineering support, and prefabrication capabilities to ensure that every job is as exceptional as our pipes.

Quality and certification

     SupraTherm (PP-R pipes and fittings) has set itself the principle of becoming the most reliable and preferred company among the firms in the sector it operates in and has established its management and quality policy accordingly. To maintain this policy, SupraTherm has established the following principles: To design products that exceed customer expectations, adhering to technologies and working standards worldwide;

To present customers with reliable, best quality products at the best price, in accordance with rules and regulations; To provide comprehensive documentation and technical support in a timely manner to ensure long-lasting and flawless services before and after sales; To ensure employee health and safety and foster team spirit through transparent leadership that shares information and responsibilities to motivate employees.


To support individual development and enhance employee commitment and satisfaction through diverse activity planning; "QUALITY" is a way of life. "Quality" means skilled, produced, controlled, and developed. "Quality" is achieved and executed through the voluntary support and sense of responsibility of all employees. We work as a team to fulfill the objectives of our units and the entire company. Our aim in terms of Product Research and


Development is to improve knowledge and creativity to manufacture competitive products that satisfy customers. Our target is "Flawless" production. Our fundamental principle is to deliver perfect products on time;


Providing excellent technical support and services in a timely manner is a fundamental principle of our "QUALITY" policy; We aim to improve the efficiency of our operational process by ensuring the participation of our associates, suppliers, and manufacturers through advertising, education, and monitoring; With elite leadership, all employees are responsible for executing and developing the efficiency of SupraTherm's "Quality Policy" for products.

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The company was born in the nineties, following SupraTherm's extensive prior experience in the field of sanitary water systems. The main objective at that time was to promote and distribute alternative plastic systems for traditional galvanized pipes.

In recent years, the company has grown organically, acquiring experience, professionalism, and the trust of thousands of customers in Romania and abroad.

After the initial steps, SupraTherm became known for the quality of its products and attention to detail, as well as for its prompt and orderly services.

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