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Invisible but essential,

Pipes are integrated into every construction project and represent a crucial factor for a successful project in every aspect.

A pipe system that does not function properly can result in enormous costs and failures in terms of drinking water, washing, and even heating and cooling the home.


At SupraTherm we produce pipes that do not deteriorate and have minimal impact on the environment: we use PP-R, one of the most durable materials in the world, and one that is chemically inert.

Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System

in accordance with SR EN ISO 9001:2015 and SR EN ISO 14001:2015 - a system that helps us to:

Machine in Factory

maintain the functionality of the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System.

We apply an integrated management approach to ensure environmental protection throughout the entire company structure, in accordance with standards. This system ensures the achievement of quality and environmental objectives, as well as the continuous improvement of the management system.

Industrial Building

continuously improve.

The Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System.

Men at Work

use the management system for continuous improvement.

This approach applies to the processes and, as a result, to the products and services provided by SupraTherm to its customers.

Business Meeting

ensure continuous communication with customers, authorities, and the public.

And to analyze feedback information to evaluate their satisfaction.

To provide the best final outcome of the projects in which we provide support,

SupraTherm provides:


engineering support

prefabrication capacity


General Manager of SupraTherm

SupraTherm takes full responsibility for making the company's quality and environmental policy known, understood, and applied.


In this regard, the General Director undertakes:

To allocate human and material resources for maintaining the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System, implementing and complying with the quality and environmental manual and procedures

To allocate human and material resources to maintain the Integrated Quality and Environment Management System, in the implementation and compliance with the Quality and Environment Manual and procedures; to ensure the availability and openness of SupraTherm for the continuous evaluation and improvement of both the Integrated Quality and Environment Management System and the Quality and Environment Policy promoted, in order to ensure that they act towards the development of the company

To implement this policy, specific quality and environmental objectives will be set at each level of the company

to monitor the activities to achieve the environmental policy objectives

Continuous improvement and effectiveness of processes,

as well as environmental performance, especially through the adoption of pollution prevention measures


Environmental risk and accidental
pollution control;

Identification and understanding of expressed and implicit customer requirements and meeting them.

Training and motivating personnel and their participation  in achieving quality and environmental objectives.

"Involvement of organization's suppliers in complying with the Quality-Environment Policy,so that they understand and respect our product quality requirements and how to keep significant environmental aspects under control."





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