Supratherm Systems


It is a pipes and fittings system in PP R  (Polypropylene Copolymer Random ) which has finally innovated and changed the way to convey cold and warm water in civil buildings, starting from the eighties.

Known and appreciated all over the world, its elements are joined by poly-fusion welding.

The great product improvement and the more and more complete and up-to-date range confirmed the success of this system without equal.



  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Resistance to corrosive agents (acid, basic…)
  • Good resistance against lime phenomena
  • Long time endurance in the years
  • Resistance to working pressures
  • Low costs of sanitary installations;
  • Complete range from Ø 20 till Ø 125 mm.
  • High environmental compatibility
  • Less pipe roughness
  • Heat and sound insulating characteristics
  • Very good welding properties
  • High heat-stabilized
  • High stability
  • Easy processing
  • Well-priced
  • Installation aids and fixings


• Any sanitary work in the civil and industrial building industry, for potable warm and cold water for human consumption
• Portable water and food liquids systems
• Greenhouses and gardens irrigation
• Traditional heating systems
• Air-compressed nets
• High corrosion systems or by highly calcareous waters
• To convey highly acid and aggressive fluids



The SupraTherm Systems can work continually (50 years) by temperatures of 70° C with 10 pressure bar, in compliance with the European standards; by temperature lower than 0° C, the use of a suitable anti-freezing additive is required.

For further technical data, please refer to the material specification.
The whole system has gained National and European certifications by the best and the most reliable world Institutes, certifying the product quality and granting the performances of its components in the time

Our material PP-R

Supratherm pipes and fittings are produced from polypropylene random copolymer, PP-R 80/ PP-R 100 as raw material having low melt €ow rate, high molecular weight and good €flexibility.

This raw material is recommended for the production of pressure pipes including potable water transfer lines, hot and cold water transfer lines, €oor heating and also for chemical industry applications. Good long term pressure resistance and easy processing and installation technique give cold and hot water systems made of PP-R pipes and advantage as alternative to the traditional systems.